construction services, ucc filings, mechanic's liens, bond claimsMore than three-quarters of the construction performed in the United States is performed by subcontractors. Whether you're a small subcontractor working or a multi-million dollar commercial subcontractor, your work is subject to:

  • General business laws and regulations (e.g., income tax, anti-trust).
  • Laws and regulations specific to the construction industry (e.g., mechanic's lien laws, anti-'bid shopping' laws, prompt pay laws).
  • All agreements, which are part of the subcontracts and describe subcontractor's performance obligations and allocate risk.


NACM Southern Valley in Birmingham will complete the needed steps to effect your Notice to Owner. Click here to access the form needed.

NACM Southern Valley members can take advantage of the many services offered by NACM National’s Secured Transaction Services.

UCC Filing Services
NACM’s UCC Filing Services handles every aspect of the UCC filing life cycle—all within its comprehensive system. Filing is only the first step; NACM’s UCC Filing Services monitors all the UCC-1 filings in your portfolio for expiration or continuation, notifying you of deadlines so that you can take the appropriate action for no additional fee.

Getting started is easy. NACM’s UCC Filing Services breaks down your business and distribution channel and determines the most effective type of filing. We'll also assist you in writing the two key critical elements: your security agreement and collateral description. Once written you’re ready to file.

Mechanic’s Lien & Bond Services
NACM’s Mechanic’s Lien & Bond Services (MLBS) online Lien Navigator, specifically developed for credit professionals, provides step-by-step time frames for all 50 states, D.C. and the Canadian provinces. The Navigator contains links to statute references, quick list sections and “Speed Bump” warnings — cautioning users of nuances in the law. With a Miller Act section, public bond thresholds and values and a robust glossary, this Navigator serves as a comprehensive guide, 24/7.

In addition to developing and maintaining the Lien Navigator, NACM’s MLBS also prepares, serves, files and enforces preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens and payment bond claims on a nationwide basis. MLBS offers two service levels:

Attorney Prepared Notices, Liens & Bond Claims
MLBS offers a construction filing service on a national basis through an established nationwide attorney network. This network, comprising experienced construction-oriented attorneys, prepares, serves, files and enforces preliminary notices, liens and bond claims. The MLBS attorney network’s vast knowledge and expertise ensures that all requests are completed professionally, accurately and quickly.

NACM Prepared Notice to Owner Service
MLBS offers an internally prepared NTO service — a second, more cost-effective option for smaller receivable balances, non-statutory notices or situations where there is confidence in job information. Both preliminary notice filing options include, at no additional charge, a Next Action Notification email. These reminders are sent automatically to ensure that you The Project Information Sheet, like that shown in the Appendices, will help prompt you on the information needed. Get a site plan for the project and keep it within easy reach. This is the best single source of information to hand to your attorney in order to identify the project and begin a title search to develop a good legal description. It also can be very important to solve allocation problems in multiple parcel or unit projects and to determine the value of labor and materials supplied to each unit or parcel involved.